Board Members & Volunteers

We thank the people below for their continued support, knowledge, and services to the Latino Alumni Network. If you would like to get in touch with any of the listed individuals, you may do so selecting their name.

Alicia Bassuk, MBA'95 - President (Chicago)

Valerie Buitron, AB'01 - immediate Past President, Board Member at Large

Cesar Edery, MBA'98 - Vice President

Gabriel Zapata, AB'06 - Programming and Communications Chair (New York)

Jason Goitia, JD'03 - Washington, DC Metro Chair (Washington, DC)

Tony D'Andrea, PhD'06 - Board Member at Large

Adela Meraz, AB'04 - Board Member at Large (Austin)

Gustavo Alvarez, AB'14 - Board Member at Large

Daniela Alzuru, AM'12 - Board Member at Large (Miami)

Karla Fernandez, AB'11 - Los Amgeles Metro Chair (Los Angeles)

Aracely Munoz-Petrich, AB'95 AM'97 - Chair Emerita
(Washington, DC)

President will:
1. Write the monthly newsletters and submit to Communications Chairs (or establish a rotation of those board members who will write the newsletter at least once per year).
2. Plan and lead the monthly or quarterly board calls (decide on dates/times/agenda in collaboration with board members).
3. Contact all board members at least once per year to determine their interest in remaining on the board and role on the board.
4. Write the Annual Report in conjunction with the Vice President (and Past President, if applicable) and Staff Liaison

Vice President will:
1. Lead monthly board calls the event that the President cannot participate.
2. Work with each board member to help identify new members to the board among alumni who come to events, alumni friends, etc. by the beginning of the new year to begin recruitment.
3. Write the Annual Report in conjunction with the President and Staff Liaison

Secretary will:
1. Take notes during monthly board calls and distribute to all board members.
In the event that the Secretary cannot attend the call, will send a request to other board members to enlist someone to take notes (upon receipt, will distribute).
2. Keep the meetings to the agenda and note any items that should be added to subsequent agendas.

Communications will:
1. Post the upcoming events on the group website / Facebook / other social media.
2. Select a date for deploying newsletters so that the board members know when to supply content.
3. Deploy newsletters.

Programming Chair will:
1. Organize a list of all events that will take place during the fiscal year with the lead volunteer’s name responsible for the event, city, and number of attendees.
2. Work with the Metro Chairs to develop ideas for new programs.

Metro Chairs will:
1. Plan and execute events.  All are encouraged to suggest events; work with Metro Chair.
2. Write the event description for the website and submit to the Communications Chair & the Programming Chair at least one month before the event based on the deployment date.
3. Send staff liaison list of attendees and any fees collected onsite.

Board members at Large will:
1. Support Metro Chairs in their region by helping with planning & executing events.
**Board members are expected to participate in all meeting & events in their cities that they can reasonably attend.  These are just the minimum requirements; additional duties may be added as needed.