Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: How often are events held?

A: The Latino Alumni Network is a partnership across several locations in the country. Each city will hold its own events, and we strive to hold events at least once every two months, if not more. Please check the "Events" banner to find out when one is happening in your area.


Q: What types of events does the Latino Alumni Network hold?  

A: From happy hours to cultural outings, and everything in between, the Latino Alumni Network strives to provide a fun and diverse set of events for the community. 


Q: How can I get involved in event planning?

A: Please contact us at, let us know what you have in mind, and we can direct you to the appropriate contact person. 


Q: I am a member of another Chicago affinity group and would like to hold a joint event with the Latino Alumni Network. Who should I contact?

A: Please email us at . We are always happy to hear from fellow Chicago alumni groups, and we can direct you to the appropriate contact.


Q: How can we put photos from our event on the website?

A: The website administrators would be happy to assist you with this. Please send your photos (200K JPEG file size limit), along with the event location, date, and a description of the event to


Q: Do I need to be Latino to participate in the Latino Alumni Network?

A: No. We welcome any member of the University of Chicago community to our events, and we are always looking for suggestions and volunteers to assist in planning.