Mind Your Career: Consulting “Accepted!”

Building and Teaching Soft Skills in China’s Professional College Admissions Industry (Webinar and followed by Continue the Conversation online networking - you can register for one or both sessions.)

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Over 300,000 Chinese students currently study abroad in the United States, with the greatest number attending undergraduate colleges and universities. The road to acceptance is arduous and expensive: students spend years in and thousands on dollars on English classes, SAT preparation, and education consultants in the hope of obtaining one of the few seats available at top-tier schools like UChicago. As an education consultant, whether you are a freelancer or managing partner for a nationwide firm, your singular goal is success. But what is education consulting? What does one need, and what can one do, as an education consultant in China? And does education consulting prepare Chinese students to succeed in America?

Chason Dailey, AB 11, has worked for a prominent, Shanghai-based education consultancy, co-founded another, and freelanced in both China and America. Prior to moving to China, he worked with Chinese students in the Graduate Student-at-Large program at the University of Chicago Graham School, where he saw many bright and engage students encumbered by differences in classroom culture and soft skills. He will discuss his own journey: what drove him to work as an education consultant, what realities he met in the field, and what professional and educational opportunities exist for both potential consultants and students.

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