Latino Alumni Recognized for their Professional Achievement

UChicago Community Honors Achievement at Alumni Awards Ceremony

During Alumni Weekend each year, the UChicago community honors graduates for their service to their alma mater and their greater global community at the Alumni Awards Ceremony. Two recipients of alumni awards, Agustín Carstens, AM'83, PhD'85, and Enrique Beckmann, PhD'84. In Rockefeller Chapel, the University honored Carstens at the 2013 Alumni Awards by presenting him wtih the Professional Achievement Award. Beckmann recieved his Public Service Award the previous year, at the 2012 Alumni Awards Ceremony. To hear the reflections of Carstens and Beckmann upon receiving their honors, view the 2013 Alumni Awards Ceremony and the 2012 Alumni Awards Ceremony online, and read below to learn more about our community's awardees.

Carstens is one of the most respected voices in the world of international finance. Governor Carstens has held high-ranking positions at the International Monetary Fund and for three years was the Minister of Finance in Mexico. In his current position as Governor of the Bank of Mexico, he is one of the most respected and influential central bankers in the world. The University recognizes Governor Carstens for his many achievements by presenting him with the Professional Achievement Award.

Beckmann served as CEO for Michael Reese Hospital at a time when the historic institution was slated for closure, and his tenacity kept alive a vital community resource that provided both health care to the needy and training to future health-care professionals. He was also instrumental in saving another South Side hospital threatened with closure: MetroSouth Medical Center, the former St. Francis Hospital, in Blue Island. Beckmann now works as CEO of the full-service hospital, which enhances access to health care under an investor-owned structure and serves as an indispensable source of employment to an economically challenged local community. In recognition of his outstanding efforts, the University honors Beckmann with the Public Service Award.

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